About Us

InHouse Recruitment Group (IRG) was established in early 2014.

It was born out of the founding team’s frustration with the standard HR industry recruitment model. That model is one where customers of recruitment agencies are routinely charged fees based on an average of 10-20% of a potential candidate’s salary.

When the IRG management team founded the business they knew how the sales industry works. We decided to create our own database of qualified applicants and work together with employers and job seekers to find the best match. The applicant’s entry into our database is at no charge for any potential job seeker. We charge the employer a fee for any search through our database of the applicants.

Fast and high quality recruiting for the employers!

The IRG team decided there had to be a more reasonable approach to recruitment and how recruitment fees were charged. They realized that they couldn’t be the only ones who thought the way standard recruitment agencies worked was unfair.

In the last few years, IRG has developed a database of applicants with superior skills in the industry.

No large or hidden fees, just experienced, professional and transparent service that delivers you the best range of available candidates for the businesses every time.

We save our customers time and money, without compromising quality. 

IRG currently provides services for the US, Canada, and UK markets.

Our clients range from small to medium-sized businesses and also include large corporations in the industry.