Our Services For Employers

Because we charge an hourly fee for our services, our customers get to choose what parts of the process they need, upfront. Our customers can engage us in the whole process or just part of the process. They just pay for what services they need, because our fees are never based on the size of a candidate’s salary!

Standard Services

  • Hard to fill roles requiring specialist skills: e.g roles such as telemarketer, cold callers…
  • Industry-specific roles with a high turnover: e.g. product salesperson, real estate salesperson…
  • Ad hoc and temporary roles. e.g. temporary staff to cover for existing staff on leave – sick, annual, maternity or long service leave.

Customized Services

  • Full service ‘on-site’. within our customer’s workplace. e.g. IRG consultants work within our customers’ businesses to assist an existing corporate team build efficiency or compliance, or to develop an ‘in-house’ HR team capability, such as for a ‘start-up’ These services are customized to meet individual business needs.

Heres an example of how the Standard IRG recruitment model works.

  • One of our customers recently had a budget of $80,000 (including agency fee), to appoint a contractor for 12 months.
  • To secure the contractor through a traditional agency our customer would normally have had to pay in the range of $12,000 to the agency.
  • As a result, the package available to the successful candidate would have been less than $70,000.
  • Our customer asked us to carry out the sourcing and the initial filtering components of the recruitment process.
  • With our unique approach, we saved the customer – over $10,000.
  • The customer was then able to apply the savings to the package for the available candidate.  

The result: a superior candidate appointed for no extra budget AND a very happy customer!