What We Do

Candidate Sourcing

IRG has developed proactive strategies to find high-quality candidates, utilizing the latest in digital technology to engage with potential candidates in varied environments. IRG sourcing strategies ensure you get the best range of available candidates for every role. Also, IRG enables customers to keep all the application data associated with any hiring project. This means customers can often fill more than one role from one recruitment project.


Candidate Filtering

IRG uses a rigorous filtering process to ensure candidates satisfy each component of a job description. While many recruitment agencies delegate candidate filtering to salespeople or juniors, all IRG recruiters are formally qualified, experienced, HR professionals.


Candidate Reference Checks & Verification

IRG recruiters take the time to speak with each referee and are trained to uncover any doubts, inconsistencies or behavioral concerns, to ensure the applicant is the right fit for the role and culture of your organization. Relevant background checks and confirmation of qualifications can also be carried out if required.


Candidate Warehousing & Pipelines

IRG’s unique candidate warehousing and pipeline service ensure our customers have access to an immediate source of high-quality candidates. IRG also offer to manage applicant data on behalf of customers and make sure the data is kept up to date. When customers have staff turnover they don’t need to start from scratch to find a high-quality candidate.


On-Site Consulting

IRG offers a range of ‘on-site’ consulting services. Our team of HR consultants is skilled at embedding cultures of performance and initiative, utilizing a full suite of reporting tools.

IRG can appoint, train and manage your recruiters and develop an efficient and effective recruitment process for your business.

Because our team has extensive industry experience, our consultants know how to deliver efficiency and improve the recruitment experience for both your team and your candidates.

If you have high turnover, poor compliance, and reporting, high advertising fees or an increasing amount of time needed for placing roles, IRG can help.