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Starting Your Career in The Cannabis Industry

The marijuana industry grows very fast and the job market is trying to keep up. The industry notices a great shortage of skilled workers. That's one of the reasons why the demand drives the salaries up at the rapid pace. The jobs are often out of the ordinary but that’s what attracts the most of the new workforce.

Start your career early in this growing industry with confidence and strong background. Our recruiters will work with you to achieve your goals and find a job which will best match your skills and gives you the opportunity to grow.

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There are many challenges with the new industry and filling positions with the right applicants becoming long and unpleasant process. The job requirements are unique and pairing them with the applicant’s skills is often challenging. Some jobs are similar to a standard for-profit business operations - store management, warehouse management, sales, bookkeeping or marketing are the easiest job positions to fill. The more difficult part comes to fill positions like budtenders, bud trimmers, indoor growers etc…

The InHouse Recruitment Group is focusing on training, guidance, and placement of our applicants into the industry with a high level of confidence and support.